Thursday, November 28, 2013

P3 Day 6 108.6 (-0.3, +3.1 over LDW)

Well, it's a little better anyway.

I thought (hard) about doing a steak day today, then decided I simply didn't want to. And I've always read that you need to do it the day you go over the 2 pound mark, or it's not as effective. Frankly if I'd gone through with it and lost 0.3, I'd be upset LOL. So today, I will continue the no cheese program, drink lots of water, and carry on as normal.

Happy Thanksgiving by the way!!

Being new in town, and not knowing anyone yet, will make for a quiet day. A coworker at my new job invited me over, and I may go, haven't decided yet. I spoke to those I love this morning and wished them a happy Thanksgiving, and that was lovely. The quiet day is not a bad thing for stabilization anyway, no real temptation.

Stay tuned for the progress I hope to see tomorrow!

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