Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Round 5 Phase 2 Day 37 - 19.6 released!

Again, sorry about the absence... lots to do.

Only two more days on HCG to go. I messed up for a couple of days, going off protocol (a couple of twizzlers and oreos, and I really do mean only a couple, but it meant a 0.7 gain from yesterday, I had broken the 20 pound barrier).

But... cut me some slack. I've done incredibly well given the breakup, the total changing of my life, emotions etc.

Today and tomorrow however - tons of water, nothing with sodium in it, and no sugar. I want to

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Round 5 Phase 2 Day 23 - 116.8 (16.1 released!)

Hi gang.

Well, I'm having to apologize once again for dropping off the planet. As you can see, I've stuck to the HCG diet even through the emotional wreck that has become my life. I am very proud of myself for having done so, for having turned up for me, for not having succumbed to emotional eating (although I have had to stare down cookies and ice cream and candy bars, I won't lie).

I will continue with phase 2 until the end of the month, after which I'll go on to a phase 3ish style of

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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Round 5, Phase 2 - Days 8 & 9

Hello from your fave (or not-so-fave, I don't know lol) Debbie Downer.

Day 7 - 124.4 (nice surprise drop of -1.8)

Day 8 (today) - 123.4 (-1.0, and back at the top end of a "normal" BMI - yay!)

Things are still tough around here. Heartache all over the place. Ex started dating someone the same day he dumped me. And we still live together. So the stress, hurt, sadness, anger, pain, etc etc are extreme.

I am very proud of myself for keeping on keeping on. He is not worth blowing my

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