Tuesday, October 29, 2013

P2 Day 162 111.0 (-0.7) (-55.7)

Wow I didn't expect that!!!

And of course, it has me debating just when my LDW should be... have to give it more thought!

Doing well, had a wonderful day today, at a field trip with my sis-in-law and her two daughters - they're so cute!

Sleeping well, great energy, almost packed for the road trip to my new city. All is well in my world!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

P2 Day 160 112.3 (-0.5) (-54.4)

Nice! Although I feel like the scale gods are playing with me lol. Soon I shall see 111 (my goal weight), I am sure of it!

Had a brutal headache yesterday morning, I'd gone out shopping and had to turn around and come home and lie down. After a two hour sleep I woke up feeling great - there's nothing to make you feel grateful for feeling good like recovering from a headache!

It just occurred to me - right now - that the headache might have been as a result of the foods on Friday at my goodbye lunch, with restaurant eating, you don't know what the ingredients are, and with the sugar in the piece of cheesecake, well that could have affected me as well.

Anyway, all better now, but something to keep in mind!

Come on, goal weight!!! Onwards!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

P2 Day 159 112.8 (-0.0) (-53.9)

Well, all I can say is that I got off easy! Hopefully it will be gone tomorrow, I tasted a lot of salt in the food at yesterday's lunch (such a good lunch though!), and some if not all of that gain is water retention, I hope.

Anyway, back to full on P2 today. I'm debating whether I'll stop on next Wednesday after all. Maybe I'll just power through for another week to week and a half and finish that batch of HCG and see where it leads me. Decisions, decisions....

Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, October 25, 2013

P2 Day 158 112.5 (-0.0) (-54.2)

Well, a day of rest I guess. Sigh.

It was my last day of work, so the girls took me out for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. I had the petite meal, of a scoop of mashed potatoes, broccoli and about 4 oz of steak. That and the salad bar. And a slice of cheesecake when I got back to work (small slice).

I enjoyed my food, and now am having my standard P2 dinner, so we will see how bad the damage is tomorrow.


Thursday, October 24, 2013

P2 Day 157 112.5 (-0.1) (-54.2)

Well I had been hoping for more if a release than that, but hopefully tomorrow!

Challenging day at work. Someone brought in Panera bagels for everyone and the smell is wonderful! However with one pound till goal AND knowing that sudden exposure to wheat would result in a painful morning spent in the bathroom, I'll resist and just enjoy the smell. 

Hopeful that I'll hit goal tomorrow!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

P2 Day 156 112.6 (+0.1) (-54.1)

Sigh, slight gain, so near and yet so far to goal...

Junk food abounds at my job (yesterday alone, birthday cake, donuts), and I resist all of it. However, when someone brought in the "best cheesecake ever" and said "you've GOT to try this!!", I had about a tablespoon. Yes, it was extremely good. Not worth wanting more all afternoon though. And not worth not hitting goal.

Ah well, tomorrow hopefully!!!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

P2 Day 155 112.5 (-0.4) (-54.2)

Wow! One more pound to go!!!

Feeling good, slept a little restlessly, but I think that's more because I have a lot of planning for the road trip/move on my mind, etc.

I've felt a little light headed the last day or so, debating whether to go back on the potassium or not, but it's only for another week (!!) and then I'm onto Phase 3 Stabilization (P3), so I think since I'm not having any cramping (or very little), I'll just ride it out.

I spoke to my cousin last night, it was her birthday, and told her I was a pound away from goal, and she was so pleased and proud for me - as she said, it's been done under not the best of circumstances (rooming with others, almost constant stress over work and home situations, living in limbo trying to figure out next steps), so I've really achieved something. I'm pretty proud of myself too!

That said, I'm well aware that in many ways the real work is ahead, and that's fine, I'm looking forward to it!


Monday, October 21, 2013

P2 Day 154 112.9 (-0.1) (-53.8)

Okay a small release today but still a step in the right direction and now I'm 112!!

One more pound (and a bit) to goal!


Sunday, October 20, 2013

P2 Day 153 113.0 (-0.4) (-53.7)

And another nice release! I'm sooooo close now to goal!

Had a great night's sleep, and have a lazy day ahead of me today I think, which bothers me not at all lol.

Twelve days to go!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Day 152 Progress Pics

Thought I'd post progress pics (this was at 4 pounds till goal, I will post pics that I take from my LDW day as well).

BEFORE (around when I started, the week 18th of May 2013):

And my progress after (like I mentioned, this is last week, about 4 pounds to go):

P2 Day 152 113.4 (-0.7) (-53.3)

Woo hooo!!! So excited about that release! 2 pounds to goal!!!

I really need to find my tape measure and do my measurements, I know I'm smaller than the last time, all my zeroes are a perfect fit now!

Had a great night sleep (other than the dog wanting out at 3am), got a good 9 hours sleep in, which I'm sure doesn't hurt.

I mixed a new batch of HCG for the last two weeks, the last batch was almost done so I figured what the heck, see what a new batch does.

Only 13 more days on HCG, and then the 72 hour weaning off period will coincide with my road trip/move to another state, in a way being on the VLCD will make a road trip easier, I won't have to think about food at all, no gas station/fast food temptation!

My leg cramps have been very mild the last week or so, I haven't been taking potassium or magnesium at all, and my energy has been very good as well.

Anyway, better get on with my Saturday, I have a dog show to go to! Happy Saturday!

Friday, October 18, 2013

P2 Day 151 114.0 (-0.4) (-52.7)

And another nice release!

I am stoked at being so close to goal, I mean I'm basically 2.anything, less than 3 pounds away now. 

Where I'm working there are daily temptations, today it's two different kinds of cookies from our Amish market. And it's so easy to resist at this point. Why would I mess up now when I'm so close?

Also the fact is, adding a carby food like that to the mix would result in a lot of bathroom time (sorry, TMI) when I haven't been eating like that for months. 

But the real reason is that I'm so close to being done and moving on to Phase 3. 

Yep, happy and excited here!!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

P2 Day 150 Update 114.4 (-52.3)

First of all, wow, I've been on HCG for 150 days (minus the two pauses)!

I totally spaced out posting yesterday, which is funny actually because I was discussing my blog with a dear friend yesterday.

So yesterday (Day 149), I was 115.5, which was an increase of 0.3.

Today, I was 114.4, a release of 1.1, for a total of 52.3 pounds lost, and only 3 to go!!!!!


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

P2 Day 148 115.2 (+0.4) (-51.5)

No idea why the slight gain, but I'm not worried about it. I figure it's the classic stair step pattern that Dr. Simeons spoke about in Pounds and Inches. I'll likely see a good release tomorrow.

My energy and mood were a bit off today, but I'm sure with a good night's sleep (early night) tomorrow I'll be back to normal.

Not long now! My last dose day will be Friday, November 1st, so that the Monday is my first day of Phase 3 - Stabilization.


Monday, October 14, 2013

P2 Day 147 114.4 (-0.8) (-51.9)

Wow! And now, only 3 pounds until goal! Yay!

Still feeling good, great moods and energy, loving the size zeroes I'm wearing :)

Have a happy Monday everyone!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

P2 Day 146 115.6 (-0.1) (-51.1)

Well, that was a small release, but still in the right direction!

I am so looking forward to hitting goal and moving on to stabilization (P3), it will be good to move forward.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Day 145 115.7 (-0.4) (-51.0)

Very nice! 4 pounds and counting!

Lazy day today, a little cleaning, laundry, shopping... just what a saturday should be.

I also went through my bags of clothes (being in a roommate situation for months, many of my clothes are still in vacuum bags), and a lot of my sweaters look so cute on me! I am a size 0 or 1 depending on the brand, and putting on my tiny XS sweaters and looking good in them is such a gift, it makes every time I've said no to a treat soooooo worth it!

Not long now until I reach my goal! I'm so excited :-)

Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 144 Update - 116.1 (-50.6)

I really need to post more often! Anyway, as you can see below I've passed the 50 pound mark. Yay!

Day 140 117.9 -0.2 48.8
Day 141 118.4 -0.5 48.3
Day 142 116.8 1.6 49.9
Day 143 116.5 0.3 50.2
Day 144 116.1 0.4 50.6

I had to laugh on day wednesday when the scale gods were teasing me at 49.9 pounds released. And now, I'm just thrilled where I am. Five little pounds to go! Woo hoo!

Energy is good, sleep is good, mood is good. My meals are chicken at both meals now, mustard is my best friend, and veggies are still cukes and tomatoes. I do eat an extra apple every day and it's really working for me, I feel good.


Sunday, October 6, 2013

P2 Day 139 Update 117.7 (-49.0)

Wow you can tell it's been a super busy week, I haven't posted for 5 days!

I moved into some dear family friends home for a little bit (long story, more changes are afoot!) So the week's been hectic.

Here is the update:

Day 135 119.1 0.0 47.6
Day 136 118.6 0.5 48.1
Day 137 118.8 -0.2 47.9
Day 138 118.1 0.7 48.6
Day 139 117.7 0.4 49.0

I'm feeling great, now fitting a size zero (!!!!!), it feels great to be this size again! I have six pounds to go till goal, and will likely (not committed just yet) try for another three pounds after that, as I tend to gain three pounds once I hit maintenance. It really bugs me lol, so I'd rather have that gain mean I'm right at my happy weight, instead of just above it.

Anyhoo, sleeping well, enjoying my food with my extra protein and apple, and enjoying this last little piece of phase 2!


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

P2 Day 134 119.1 (-0.0)(-47.6)

Well, it's a rest day, which is fine, hopefully we resume the releasing tomorrow! I am still so excited to be in the teens and 8 pounds away from my goal weight of 111!

Physically, I feel so much better with that extra 20-30g of protein at every meal, and that extra apple in the morning, I am now only taking potassium in the mornings, no cramps for a few days. Sleep is good, energy is good.

We will see if I need to make any further adjustments in the next couple of weeks, I'd really like to see some regular releases coming, as you can imagine I am definitely ready to move on to Phase 3, stabilization - it's been a long haul, even without the two pauses in this round!

Anyway, off to work!