Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gonna Give Homeopathic HCG a Whirl!

I'm getting really tired of trying to find a source of "real" HCG here in Canada, so I did some research, found some (very) local sources of HHCG, and am going to order some tomorrow.

I'm excited... and nervous. But, I've heard from people who've done both, and most say that the results are the same, so we shall see... On to Round 6!

I'm currently at 133, which isn't tragic, but it's still 22 pounds over goal, and 17 pounds gained since I got back here... that's what stress will do to me. And now it's time to get this weight off my body again and get back in those 00 jeans! Wish me luck!

So, feel free to follow me through this new HCG (or rather HHCG) journey!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's Wanting to Scream Out Loud...

And then there's rolling with the punches.

Welcome to my Blogger location, those of you who were used to finding me at, or linking from my business site,

I will be making Blogger my central location for blogging from here on in, as the above pages are no more.

As you might remember, the relationship with my ex-fiance ended last July. And - I am guessing due a reaction to a final conflict between us - my blog disappeared.

Recently, I went to look at my blog, having not posted in a while (yes, late October), only to find it gone… a blank page in its place. No ability to log in, nada. Nothing. Upsetting to say the least. However...


Then I remembered Blogger. Now, if you click ”more” on each post, there is none. No more (LOL, my weird sense of humor coming into play). However, there IS a place to start. And I’ve “only” lost 7 months of my journey, my content. Sigh. Always, ALWAYS, keep backup copies. Lesson learned.

But here’s what didn't disappear – the weight loss. The gorgeous me (allow me vanity for a moment *smile*), the pride and confidence that my journey gave me. The knowledge about weight loss, HCG, and people, business and MYSELF that I have learned.

And because of all of that… I still win.

I’m back to blogging. With a vengeance. Ok, poor choice of words, but apt all the same, and I’ll be here a lot more often, through weight loss, both HCG and non HCG related, through life. Maybe I’ll be a good source of how to do the HCG protocol and how to do maintenance (which is still a learning process for me)? Maybe I’ll be a good source of how to be victorious through having unexpected challenges that life and people present you? Definitely,  I’ll just be…me.

So… hi again! Missed me? I sure missed writing here,following y'all, communicating with you!