Monday, June 4, 2012

P2 Day 10 127.3 (-11.0)

And another nice little release!

Today was a crazy, hectic, productive day at work, I did very well. Came in at 486 calories. I'm feeling good, decent energy.

TOM showed up as well, and yet, as I said, still had good energy and mood.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the conference I'm at, I'm just going to do my best with the food there and let it go.

Have a good night folks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

P2 Day 9 127.7 (-10.6)

You can tell I've had a busy weekend! So, to update:

Day 6 - 130.1(+0.5 - no idea, think it was too much sodium, so I've cut waaaay down on salt and hot sauce)
Day 7 - 129.7 (-0.4)
Day 8 -  128.3 (-1.4) (10 pound loss for the first week!)
Day 9 - 127.7 (-0.6) (today's result)

As you can see, I'm just trucking along, the results on HHCG are definitely on par with HCG - I've pretty much always averaged around the 10 pound mark for week 1 of phase 2. I'm pleased. I feel good, I'm in the zone, focused, and thinking hard about keeping my food pretty much this simple when I go back to "normal" eating.

I lost 10.5 inches the first week too, and am fitting my size 4 jeans loosely (about 4 pound earlier than normal!), so it won't be long until I'm back in my 2s!

I've got a conference I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday, and I've decided to bring my own food - if an explanation is needed, I'll just say I'm having some digestive issues and need to keep my food really simple right now. I'm just not willing to have two days of work oriented change to my routine mess my results up!

On to a new week! And yes, I'm excited!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

P2 Day 5- 129.6 (-1.5, total -8.7)

Yay! Hi again twenties :-)

491 calories today... went to my dad's "happy hour" at his residence, and the two diet sodas I had had me craving off program food - but this passed quickly - with those results, I'd be nuts to veer off plan!

Soooo happy with how things are going!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

P2 Day 4 - 131.1 (-1.5, total -7.2)


I'm really pleased with how well this is going! Pleased also at how well I'm sleeping, and how even my moods are - just like on HCG. From what I've read, not everyone reacts as well to HHCG as they do HCG, and I'm glad I'm someone who is reacting the same or possibly even better!

490 calories today, and I'm getting less and less hungry. I did space out my apple through the morning, which is working beautifully.


P2 Day 3 - 132.6 (-1.1, total -5.7)

Another nice release! Today I was headachy and a bit dragged out, so I spaced my lunch throughout the day, a little apple just after I got to work, the chicken, cucumber at lunch, and the rest of the apple a bit later. Total calories for the day  483.

I am loving feeling in control again! Walked through a delicatessen in search of coffee and didn't find the pastries tempting - one mess up is so not worth not getting results when I'm working so hard. I really want to have this be my mindset once I'm off the HHCG too.

Have a great day folks!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Phase 2 Day 2 - 133.7 (-4.6)

Well, so far so good! I felt great yesterday, not hungry, a little "empty", but not hungry.

Today has been much the same, I noticed that I slept heavily (which is how it was on HCG as well), and woke up well rested. So far, I'm feeling good! Can't wait to see how it goes over the coming weeks, it's kind of fun to compare the results to  using "real" HCG as opposed to the homeopathic HCG.

Food today was pretty much the same as yesterday, black coffee for breakfast, lots of water, chicken breast, cucumber and apple for lunch, and extra lean ground beef, tomato and strawberries for dinner. My calorie count for the day was 484.

I'm feeling good, it feels great to be in control again too!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Phase 2, Day 1 VLCD Start weight: 138.3

It's been a great day, I'm tolerating the HHCG well so far. My calories came in at 461, and I really enjoyed my simple, clean foods.

I'm not hungry, feeling good. Can't wait to see the scale tomorrow!!!

Phase 1 - Loading

Well, I loaded for two days, the old school way, gained a total of 3.1. I focused on high fat, high protein foods, with the exception of a sushi lunch, and a white chocolate blueberry scone (yum!), and while I definitely went through 3000 or so calories per day, didn't have that sick feeling that my usual loading created.

On to Phase 2! I'm excited to see if the HHCG kills hunger the same way as HCG.

Stay tuned...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ok. So this is what's been going on...

Tried some "real" HCG that I'd gotten. Did the injections for six weeks, was constantly hungry, cheating a lot... lost all of 10 pounds. And now have gained 8 of those back.

Now ten pounds in six weeks on any other program would be respectable. On this particular round, it was torturous and not worth it. I can only think the HCG I got was no longer potent.

Anyway, onwards. With sources of the real deal drying up, I ordered some HHCG (homeopathic HCG). It arrived today. I am starting two days of loading tomorrow. Old school, full on loading and P2 starts Saturday.

I'm hopeful, excited, a little nervous. Something has got to give and I'm hoping this is it!!

Stay tuned folks! And now I'm going to go see how some of my peeps have been doing on program :-)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Round 6 - Phase 2 Day 1 - 135.2

Well here we go!

I mixed the HCG and gave myself my first injection this morning - it really wasn't bad at all.

Right now, I'm having lunch, chicken and tomato.

Not much else to say, I'm excited, hopeful, and sooooo looking forward to getting back to what has become a normal weight for me!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

And the plan changes :)

My next round of the HCG protocol will be regular HCG again, I was very fortunate to be able to get some, and will, this time, be doing it via injection, which is a first for me. It's the form that my HCG came in, and I guess it gives me a basis of comparison in terms of how it works compared to sublingual.

I'll be starting next weekend. I have a mother of a cold this weekend, so I'm focusing on getting well. Next Friday there is a potluck for St Patty's day at work, so I'll let Friday be a loading day (still only doing one, I find that works for me, and I've even been reading that some do NO loading days). Saturday will be Phase 2, Day 1.

Wish me luck! I cannot wait to get this weight off me, all those 00 jeans and clothes are looking at me reproachfully in my closet.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gonna Give Homeopathic HCG a Whirl!

I'm getting really tired of trying to find a source of "real" HCG here in Canada, so I did some research, found some (very) local sources of HHCG, and am going to order some tomorrow.

I'm excited... and nervous. But, I've heard from people who've done both, and most say that the results are the same, so we shall see... On to Round 6!

I'm currently at 133, which isn't tragic, but it's still 22 pounds over goal, and 17 pounds gained since I got back here... that's what stress will do to me. And now it's time to get this weight off my body again and get back in those 00 jeans! Wish me luck!

So, feel free to follow me through this new HCG (or rather HHCG) journey!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

There's Wanting to Scream Out Loud...

And then there's rolling with the punches.

Welcome to my Blogger location, those of you who were used to finding me at, or linking from my business site,

I will be making Blogger my central location for blogging from here on in, as the above pages are no more.

As you might remember, the relationship with my ex-fiance ended last July. And - I am guessing due a reaction to a final conflict between us - my blog disappeared.

Recently, I went to look at my blog, having not posted in a while (yes, late October), only to find it gone… a blank page in its place. No ability to log in, nada. Nothing. Upsetting to say the least. However...


Then I remembered Blogger. Now, if you click ”more” on each post, there is none. No more (LOL, my weird sense of humor coming into play). However, there IS a place to start. And I’ve “only” lost 7 months of my journey, my content. Sigh. Always, ALWAYS, keep backup copies. Lesson learned.

But here’s what didn't disappear – the weight loss. The gorgeous me (allow me vanity for a moment *smile*), the pride and confidence that my journey gave me. The knowledge about weight loss, HCG, and people, business and MYSELF that I have learned.

And because of all of that… I still win.

I’m back to blogging. With a vengeance. Ok, poor choice of words, but apt all the same, and I’ll be here a lot more often, through weight loss, both HCG and non HCG related, through life. Maybe I’ll be a good source of how to do the HCG protocol and how to do maintenance (which is still a learning process for me)? Maybe I’ll be a good source of how to be victorious through having unexpected challenges that life and people present you? Definitely,  I’ll just be…me.

So… hi again! Missed me? I sure missed writing here,following y'all, communicating with you!