Monday, September 30, 2013

P2 Day 133 119.1 (-1.1)(-47.6)

Yay!!! The teens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Continuing with my extra and apple today to see if the trend continues!

So thrilled!!!!

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Day 132 Update

Well, with yesterday's gain, I came within inches of quitting P2 and moving straight on to P3 with no 72-hour weaning off period.

Day 131 121.8 -0.6 44.9
Day 132 120.2 1.6 46.5

Instead, I just ate more. I was actually hungry! So I had an apple for breakfast with coffee, lunch was 2 hamburger patties (well, more like 1.5, there was a half sized one in the container that I'd cooked up) with tomato and basil, dinner was over 100g (cooked weight) of chicken, cucumber and strawberries (with sweet n low, I'm a bit suspicious that the Stevia I bought has dextrose in it so I'm leaving it be until maintenance).

And that was quite the release this morning! 0.3 away from the teens!

I followed basically the same meal plan today, except that both meals were chicken. Chewed some gum, so we'll see if that's a problem or not...

I order to talk myself into sticking to it, I worked out that if I stick to my plan of staying on it until the last week of October, then that (according to projections based on the averages of the last couple of months) would mean another 5 pounds gone. Okay, I won't be at goal necessarily, but 4 pounds away is better than 10 for sure.

I'm pumped again, so....


Friday, September 27, 2013

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Day 129 Update 121.2

Soooo close to the teens!!!

Day 128 121.9 -0.6 44.8
Day 129 121.2 0.7 45.5

Things are trucking along, 10 more pounds until I reach my happy weight. I`m going to get a bit stricter over the next little bit, salt gone, no gum (it`s been irritating my jaw and intestines, sorry TMI), cutting down on diet soda, and decreasing the protein (I`ve been eating around 90g of cooked chicken, it should be no more than 78g cooked weight), and buying a lower fat beef for my patties. I`ve been buying 90/10 beef, I`m going to scale back to 93/7 or even better 94/6. We`re getting down to the nitty gritty and I want to get the work done and move on to Phase 3 stabilization.

I`m currently a size 2, when I started I was a size 14. I`ll have to post pics sometime soon...


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

P2 Day 127 Update

Eeek! Been a whole week since I posted. Sorry about that!

I've had a very eventful week, but since this blog is about the HCG protocol, I'll stick to that (mostly) in this post.

Here is the update:

Day 121 123.0 0.0 43.7
Day 122 121.9 1.1 44.8
Day 123 121.7 0.2 45.0
Day 124 122.9 -1.2 43.8
Day 125 122.7 0.2 44.0
Day 126 123.5 -0.8 43.2
Day 127 121.3 2.2 45.4

So, the blip over the weekend was due to me being a bit stupid. I decided to start taking D3 again. Bought gel caps. What is usually in gel caps? Oil.


Duh! You can't have oils or fats on the HCG protocol!

Anyway, once I clued in and stopped taking it, the weight dropped off plus 0.4 more. Lesson learned. I will buy some more D3 as I feel great when I take it, but I'll make sure it's in the tablet form that I was taking before with no gains, and nice releases.

Just finishing up TOM (I was initially blaming the gains on that until I clued in).

I'm fighting boredom a fair bit at present, I'm ready to move on to P3 mentally anyway, but I am bound and determined to get that last 10 pounds off before I do. As I alluded to earlier, lots of stuff going on, a move to a new house, potentially even a new city depending on what happens on the work front in the next very short while. No matter what, I am determined to keep on going with the protocol. It will be easier and cheaper to stick to that even while adjusting to a new temporary (a few weeks at most) living situation, and a potential road trip of a day and a half wouldn't be a big deal on protocol either. Anyhow time will tell. If things work out I may be finally getting both a permanent work AND permanent living (as in alone, my own kitchen...ahhhh) situation. Fingers crossed! But both situations have pluses, so we shall see.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 120 Update - 123.0

Here's an update, I know I'm slacking again lol... lots going on at present.

New batch this evening, so we'll see if that impacts anything.

Here's the update:

Day 118 123.1 0.4 43.6
Day 119 123.1 0.0 43.6
Day 120 123.0 0.1 43.7

Other than the number, life is going along well. I had a mini bug for a day or so that I beat, so that was good. As I said, lots going on, I'm a bit stressed, but all is well, life is good!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Day 117 123.5 (-0.3)(-43.2)

And with that weight, I find myself in the weight range and BMI that are considered normal for my height.


That pleases me enormously! Yes, I still have 12 pounds to go, but... normal! Big smile here!

Today is a big day on an emotional level as well. Two years ago today I was going through some of the worst stress and sadness of my life, saying goodbye to people and the life I loved. So to be able to sit here, and look at all of the blessings in my life, the dreams I've achieved... well, it's a pretty wonderful day. And then you add "normal" to it.

Life feels pretty sweet today!

Hope yours is too!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Day 116 Update - 123.8 (-42.9)

So the week's going along well, kept meaning to blog, but just not getting to it.

Here's the update:

Day 113 124.4 0.2 42.3
Day 114 124.3 0.1 42.4
Day 115 124.0 0.3 42.7
Day 116 123.8 0.2 42.9

All in all it's going well, although not as quickly as I'd like. Still, down is down :)

I'd been experimenting with a slightly higher dose, and unlike other rounds, I'm actually feeling better on the recommended dose. So back to that I went this morning.

Sleep is well, food is good, moods are good although I'm a tad cranky in the mornings, but that may be due to the dark, gray skies we've been having. It's so hard for me to get up when it's dark outside. But of course, I do... eventually. Thank goodness for coffee!

I'm still taking my potassium and magnesium for the leg cramps, and I certainly do notice an increase in cramps when I slack off on that, so it's important this round. Interestingly, there's been very little dizziness (by which I mean headrushes when I stand up quickly, or a weird, echoey sensation at times when standing around), so that's good.

And... it's Friday! Yipeee!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day 111 Update = Going Strong!

Going strong! Here is the update since Thursday:

Day 109 125.6 0.6 41.1
Day 110 126.0 -0.4 40.7
Day 111 125.2 0.8 41.5

I'm sleeping well, eating well, and feeling great. With continued use of magnesium and potassium, the leg cramps have gone away and my energy is good. Man I love this program!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

P2 Day 108 126.2 (-0.1)(-40.5)

Well it was a little release, but still in the right direction, so that's great!

Not much to report, I'm sleeping well, and the appetite has subsided so that's a good thing.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

P2 Day 107 126.3 (-0.9) (-40.4)

Nice release! Won't be long at all until I'm past the 125.5 mark and hitting new lows this round!

I love HCG for that, in that unlike many other programs, I will lose as fast as I gain, no taking twice as long to lose thing.

Slept well, still dealing with a bit of hunger, I'm toying with upping my dose slightly for a couple of days, but seeing if I can just tough it out.

On with my day!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

P2 Day 106 127.2 (-2.2) (-39.5)

Well, that's 2.2 down, and 1.7 to go until I've resolved the pause damage. All good!

I'm feeling good being back on HCG, it's truly amazing how healthy I feel on it. The only real drawback is the boredom with food, but that's something I can (obviously) deal with.

Sleeping well, good energy, not much new to report! Onwards!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Day 105 - Back on HCG and P2

As of today I am 129.4, with a net gain of 3.9 over the three day pause. I’d gone out on Saturday night, thrown caution to the wind, had a few drinks followed by a late night omelet at Denny’s, and yesterday experienced increased appetite as a result of the alcohol consumption and basically ate my way through yesterday. Now granted, it was phase 3 foods, but essentially acted like a loading day as far as my body was concerned.

Live and learn. I enjoyed myself, now back to it. This is not how I eat on phase 3, which is very structured, 3 meals and a snack a day, and certainly no alcohol. So, while at first my confidence took a hit, I reminded myself that I DO know how to do a successful stabilization phase and that I will do that when I’m through with Phase 2. Then I shook it off and got on with the day.

Today, I took my HCG this morning and have been just fine. It feels good to be on it, back to normal, especially since I hadn’t really wanted to go off it to begin with.

Onwards! No regrets, lessons learned and off we go!