Tuesday, November 30, 2010

R3 P2 Day 1 - 123.6

Wow, that's a pretty dramatic loss on a loading day on the HCG diet. It has me a little worried, but I'm attributing it to dehydration. I'm drinking lots of water today, so we'll see what happens tomorrow. So far, I've not had anything, not even coffee. Coffee on a tender tummy is unappealing, so I am refraining.

Lunch will be my standard 96/4 hamburger patty with a tomato and if I can manage it, an apple. We'll see.

Dinner will be my standard 100g of chicken breast with cucumber and

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Catchup Days 52-55

Wow I can't believe it's been a week since I last blogged!

Most of the other half's paternal side of the family converged on beautiful Fripp Island, SC, where two oceanfront homes were rented for a week. We had a wonderful time, I did my best with my eating, and I RAN EVERY DAY! Sorry for the yelling, but I'm really excited that I did that! It was impossible not to though, with that beach calling my name! I am a child of the water, for sure. And the last day of running, I was followed up and

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Days 48 - 51 catchup

Day 48 - 124.3 - a nice recovery, amazing what a day of low salt, clean choices make.

Day 49 - 124.7 - too much salt on this day, combined with TOM, I'm feeling bloated. It didn't help that the other half made a comment about something I was eating "is that good for weight loss, I notice you've been eating a lot of it". Now, I realize that he was trying to help but it triggered the heck out of me and I found myself eating out of rebellion, which I know was stupid. Sigh. As it happens, it was

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

LM Day 47 - 124.5

Well, that's not bad at all, I'm so glad the sausage fudge and the stuffing in the pork chop didn't affect me too much.

Today was much the same as yesterday (minus the fudge lol), dinner was a salad with roast chicken from the supermarket (hoping the salt content doesn't hit me tomorrow).

Tomorrow will be a steak day (last chance before we go away for Thanksgiving), and my goal for the thanksgiving week is to maintain. I am bringing some Atkins bars and some Larabars with me, and first

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Friday, November 19, 2010

LM Day 46 - 124.3

Another decrease, gotta love it.

Today went well, again, not terribly hungry, just ate my three meals and two snacks. The pine nuts and 5-HTP and choosing filling foods process is still working its magic. Now, dinner was stuffed pork chops bought from our local Amish market, so I'm hoping there is nothing I'll react to in it. Also, I caved and bought a small piece of dark chocolate fudge. It's TOM, I've been craving chocolate in a big way, and it satisfied the craving. The other snack was an

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

LM Day 45 - 124.7

Well, that seemed to be effective! Even with one drink and TOM, I lost 0.3. I'll repeat the experiment today and we'll see how it goes on the scale tomorrow.

I felt so at peace, so unpressured yesterday.

Anyway, just wanted to report that, I'll be back later with more. Have a good one!

Update: Today has been amazing, food-wise. I really believe that the 5-HTP and pine nuts are making a difference, along with choosing filling foods as snacks. I had scrambled eggs (3) with a slice of

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LM Day 45 - 124.7

Well, that seemed to be effective! Even with one drink and TOM, I lost 0.3. I'll repeat the experiment today and we'll see how it goes on the scale tomorrow.

I felt so at peace, so unpressured yesterday.

Anyway, just wanted to report that, I'll be back later with more. Have a good

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LM Day 44 - 125.0

Ugh. I messed up. Pretty darn badly.

I was trucking along fairly well, fighting those carb cravings, etc, when I went grocery shopping. And there it was, Danish marzipan. I used to look at it while on HCG and think someday I'll have some of that again. Well, I bought it, telling myself I'd just have a little piece of it. Save the rest, have it once in a while. Yeah. Right. 800 calories later. Sigh.

Well, two things - one, I got off easy and "only" gained 0.4, two, it's a not-so-gentle

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LM Days 42 and 43

LM Days 42 and 43 (today) - stayed the same at 124.6

Yesterday was pretty frustrating, a continuation of a very old pattern of doing great until about 4pm and then through the evening exceeding my caloric goal for the day. I am so tired of the constant hunger/cravings in the latter part of the day.

Being on HCG was a relief, not only from the point of view of losing the weight, but also just from, for practically the first time in my life, NOT BEING HUNGRY. Now of course, I'm not on

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

LM Day 38 - 122.2

Muuuuuuch better!

Today I came in at 1500 calories, mostly high protein and veggies. I sit here feeling full and satisfied on day's healthy eating. Feels good!

I've been getting a fair bit of walking in the last few days, today was day four of us walking the dogs at 4pm (my iphone barks at me when it's 4pm to remind us to walk the dogs. It's cute. And with the sun setting so early nowadays, the reminder helps us not lose track of time). Anyway, they're both gradually learning to walk

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

LM Day 37 - 124.5

Annnnd today was a steak day.

That number freaked me out this morning, it basically negated all of round 2. However, it's sugar, water, salt, inflammation... but mostly sugar.

Today was a tough steak day. I was sooo hungry from 2pm right till we ate at 5:45pm. But it was one day out of my life, and amazingly, I did not get low blood sugar. Thank goodness.

Whatever the scale says tomorrow, I did it. And I'm glad.

I realized today that I need to apply the same fighting attitude to

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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

LM Day 36 - 123.4

Well, given my late night slip, that's not a terrible increase at all.

Today, I had an Atkins bar for breakfast, and for lunch I had scrambled eggs with cheese, and a slice of wasa bread with laughing cow cream cheese. Dinner was pan fried salmon and crab cakes. I'm still struggling with sugar, so I've caved a couple of times throughout the day.

Tomorrow is a full on steak day - black coffee, nothing to eat till dinner, when I'll have a steak and tomato. I need to shift this weight and

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LM Day 35 - 123.1

Well, THAT'S a nicer number!

Today was a mixed bag, during the day I ate low carb, higher protein, but I slipped up in the evening and succumbed to a bunch of oreos. It's definitely time to go fully sugar free.

We had a nice evening, the other half's father was passing through town, so we spent a couple of hours at the future SILs house.

Anyway, we'll see what tomorrow brings. More and more, doing a Round 3 right after Thanksgiving is looking like a good

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

LM Day 34 - 123.9

Ouch. And that's only a guesstimate, because I stepped on the scale three times and got three completely different results. That was the result I liked the best lol. I notice after a day like yesterday, my body can't seem to stabilize, and the scale is all over the place. Normally, I weigh twice, if the numbers are the same, then that's that, I record the number and I move on with my day.

Today, I stuck predominantly to protein, so I hope to see a lower number on tomorrow's weigh in. If not,

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LM Day 33 - 122.5

Well, a 0.3 increase isn't bad, and is downright worth it considering I just learned that I can control myself around ice cream! I honestly do believe that real changes are happening in terms of how I view food, and that's a wonderful thing.

Today, we went to the future SIL's for dinner, and I didn't plan the day terribly well, I was snacky all day, which didn't help, and then we got to their house late-ish, 6:30, which meant that dinner wasn't ready until 8:30, which for someone who is

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Friday, November 5, 2010

LM Day 32 - 122.2

Yep, true to form, I'm up again, but I DID lose 0.1 in 3 days lol. So for the times when I know I may indulge in a drink or two, a strict high protein day may be the perfect compromise to minimize damage. Though, it's been months since I've been out drinking like that, and based on the tired, anxious feelings of yesterday, I'm not in a hurry to do it again. If we go singing next week, I think I'd be just as happy with a diet cola.

Today, while I SHOULD be doing a correction day, I'm just

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LM Day 31 - 121.7

Hmmm... that's likely dehydration from the alcohol last night, hopefully I'll be the same tomorrow, but if it goes according to history, I'll have a slight gain tomorrow.

Today, I ate a lot of protein, had a lot of water, and went a little high (1600 calories) and little too carby, but based on former "morning after the night before" days, I was very restrained.

It was a rough day generally, as I felt a little under the weather because of last night, but I'll live

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LM Day 30 122.5

Well, I guess that wasn't TOO bad... a bit of a mixed bag, I gained very little, but, in the morning I couldn't feel my fingertips, I was bloated, and I had sinus issues and a headache. So, while brown rice pasta showed up less on the scale, it still had some effects, my gluten intolerance is obviously still in full effect.

This was a chicken day, I ate roast chicken legs and thighs all day. I have to say I've gotten very used to chicken breasts, and found the darker meat in the legs and

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

LM Day 29 - 122.3

Yesterday (as mentioned) was a bit carby, so here I am, the same weight, according to the scale.

Today, other than a piece of Wasa bread with my lunch, I stayed carb free. I had coffee with cream for breakfast (I just wasn't hungry, until half an hour before lunch, and while I know it's important to eat breakfast, I'm much more concerned with teaching myself to only eat when hungry), a chicken breast with a tossed salad for lunch, and meat sauce (from the spaghetti I made for the other half

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LM Day 28 122.3

Yep, paid for the Halloween indulgence.

I had a few (six) individual peanut butter cups, and a couple laffy taffys, and that was the extent of it. I've definitely had worse Halloweens, treat wise. But, it could also have been better. Whatever. It was one night, one indulgence in my life, onwards.

I took the rest of the bag of peanut butter cups (the only candy I was worried about, the other stuff I have no issue with as long as I don't start. The peanut butter cups would however, call my

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Monday, November 1, 2010

LM Days 26, 27

Weights - Day 26 119.9, Day 27 120.6

Naturally I was a happy camper on Saturday when I hit the teens again, and less so on Sunday lol. I appear to be dealing with what a lot of maintainers deal with, something I'm going to call the "Life Happens on a Weekend Syndrome".

A lot of the maintainers (whether from the HCG Diet, or other programs, although in this case I'm thinking of specific HCG Protocol maintainers) that I follow go through this, and Monday typically is a correction day. I

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