Monday, June 4, 2012

P2 Day 10 127.3 (-11.0)

And another nice little release!

Today was a crazy, hectic, productive day at work, I did very well. Came in at 486 calories. I'm feeling good, decent energy.

TOM showed up as well, and yet, as I said, still had good energy and mood.

Tomorrow and Wednesday are the conference I'm at, I'm just going to do my best with the food there and let it go.

Have a good night folks!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

P2 Day 9 127.7 (-10.6)

You can tell I've had a busy weekend! So, to update:

Day 6 - 130.1(+0.5 - no idea, think it was too much sodium, so I've cut waaaay down on salt and hot sauce)
Day 7 - 129.7 (-0.4)
Day 8 -  128.3 (-1.4) (10 pound loss for the first week!)
Day 9 - 127.7 (-0.6) (today's result)

As you can see, I'm just trucking along, the results on HHCG are definitely on par with HCG - I've pretty much always averaged around the 10 pound mark for week 1 of phase 2. I'm pleased. I feel good, I'm in the zone, focused, and thinking hard about keeping my food pretty much this simple when I go back to "normal" eating.

I lost 10.5 inches the first week too, and am fitting my size 4 jeans loosely (about 4 pound earlier than normal!), so it won't be long until I'm back in my 2s!

I've got a conference I have to work Tuesday and Wednesday, and I've decided to bring my own food - if an explanation is needed, I'll just say I'm having some digestive issues and need to keep my food really simple right now. I'm just not willing to have two days of work oriented change to my routine mess my results up!

On to a new week! And yes, I'm excited!!!