Sunday, November 24, 2013

P3 Day 2 107.1 (1.6 over LDW)

Well, not totally unexpected.

It's funny how each experience with HCG is different (kind of like each pregnancy is different, or so I'm told). I've been constipated, so I'm taking some potassium and magnesium with each meal to get things moving again.

Wasn't feeling too good this morning. I woke up at 7am, then went back to sleep until almost 11am. Which is where the K and Mg comes in lol.

Food wise has been much less than yesterday. Bullet proof coffee (which is coffee with butter and heavy whipping cream in it. You can also put coconut oil in it), and 2 eggs with bacon and cheese and butter for breakfast. Some pork rinds (3 or 4), some cheese slices with bacon as a snack. And dinner will be some beef fried up with onion and celery. Then as a side I'll have a tomato with a little mozzarella and olive oil. So all in all, getting closer to being structured again in my eating, 3 meals and a snack.



  1. Your food choices are scaring me! lol Pork Rinds? Should you be eating that? Also, soooo Much CHEEESE! LOL No wonder you're constipated! lololol!!

    1. Thanks for giving me something to think about SC! Normally cheese is not an issue regarding constipation, although it's always a semi dangerous food as far as eating a lot of it. You made me think, so the next couple of days will be cheese free. Thanks again for the food for thought!